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The NDC Index has been placed on an indefinite hold. 

What we do

We Elevate Inclusion

The NDC Index is a measurement of organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion among companies in the U.S. Through an annual survey, the Index rates company performance on CEO engagement and corporate initiatives, policies, and programs. The NDC Index recognizes companies with a score of 90 or higher as the Best U.S. Companies for Diversity.


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The NDC Index gives us a vision that we can look forward to obtaining and make adjustments as need be. We use the NDC Index for our own internal assessment, and if there are benchmarks, we use it to compare ourselves to the aggregate.

Nate Bennett

Chief Diversity Officer and SVP, Head of Talent Acquisition

“It was great to participate in the index to see how we benchmark with other organizations who have been doing this for several years.”

Javay Walton

Senior Manager, Diversity Equity & Inclusion | Corporate Recruiting

“Compared to other surveys, it doesn’t take nearly as much time and all of the information is easy for us to obtain. There aren’t so many questions and the questions aren’t confusing. It’s really a breeze compared to the others.”

Denisha Crumpler

Diversity/Work-Life Coordinator, Human Resources Horizon


“The survey was pretty on par with the other ones. We have a similar process of what we do: we send out pieces to the different people who would have the answer for the specific thing, then compile it, review it, and submit it.”

Meg Hendricks

Senior Director, Head of Military and Veteran Affairs Corporate Citizenship

What we measure

The NDC Index uses five assessment areas to rate your performance on diversity inclusion. 

CEO Engagement: the extent to which your Chief Executive Officer is a champion of diversity and inclusion and your D&I efforts are integrated across your organization. 

Policies, Benefits, and Initiatives: the practices and strategies in support of diversity and inclusion across your organization.

Supplier Diversity: the extent to which your company is using its supplier diversity program to its full potential to meet D&I goals.

Community Outreach: the extent to which your company utilizes the full potential of employees, consumers, and experts as resources to meet D&I goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility: the extent to which your company provides for the social and economic wellbeing of the diverse community it serves.

How Results are published

The NDC Index publishes all participating companies’ names, logos, and scores on the NDC Index website, online and in-print reporting, and on National Diversity Council affiliated websites,,, and on NDC state websites.

First-time participants are exempt from the publication of their scores if they receive an overall score that is less than 70.

Companies that receive a score of 90 or higher will be honored in the NDC Index Best U.S. Companies for Diversity list.

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The National Diversity Council (NDC) adheres to strict confidentiality guidelines regarding the information provided by your company. The contact information requested is used only internally and for research purposes. We will not publish, give, sell or transfer employee contact information submitted by your company. The NDC guarantees the confidentiality of demographic data submitted by your company. We do not disclose specific demographic data submitted in the Workforce Profile section unless the data are, at the time of submission, in the public domain or unless we have your company’s written consent. The NDC considers all information submitted by your company as accurate for rating purposes.


Data storage

All data your company provides will be stored on KeySurvey’s platform at Data is exported in aggregate form to analyze through Microsoft PowerBi, which has world-leading security features. NDC Index team members that have access to this data are obligated to sign an NDA. For the purposes of export and importing only, data is stored locally behind multiple security measures, including password protection and remote erase protection. Data stored on KeySurvey is hosted behind multiple firewalls on 100% KeySurvey owned and operated servers located in Massachusetts, USA. KeySurvey does not enlist the services of any 3rd-party cloud solutions and does not outsource any support for their production infrastructure. In order to troubleshoot technical issues, NDC may grant KeySurvey staff permission to access our account for a limited amount of time.